René Engelbrecht

Language practitioner

Examples of my work

• Literature

Translation of children’s rhymes from Afrikaans into English

Editing of youth book in Afrikaans: Sterker as die Storm

Translation of youth book from English into Afrikaans: ’n Soen vir Whitney. The Afrikaans translation was recommended as reader by the Department of Education

Editing and partial translation of an educator’s guide to the abovementioned youth book: English and Afrikaans

Editing of worksheets accompanying the educator’s guide: Afrikaans and English

Translation of abovementioned worksheets’ memoranda into Afrikaans

Editing of a school drama based upon the abovementioned youth book: English

Editing of the Afrikaans translation of a French book based on the life of the

missionary, Samuel Roland

Editing and proofreading of various manuscript for a publisher in Bloemfontein: Afrikaans

Translation of French films into Afrikaans for dubbing: SABC TV

• Psychology

Editing of various theses: mainly Afrikaans but also English

Translation of the abstracts of theses: English-Afrikaans, Afrikaans-English

Translation of questionnaires from English and Dutch into Afrikaans

Translation of exam papers: English-Afrikaans and Afrikaans-English

Editing of psychology prescribed book for first-year students in Afrikaans and English

Translation of an instructor’s manual for an international publisher

Editing of Afrikaans and English sections of a dictionary containing technical psychology terminology for the Language Centre of Stellenbosch University

• Other

Editing of theses, for instance about history and technology: Afrikaans and English

Translation of documents for law firms, mainly from English into Afrikaans

Editing of various documents for the National Afrikaans Literary Museum and Research Centre

Translation and editing of a wide variety of documents at the then University of the Orange Free State

Editing of a motor club’s news letter over a few years: Afrikaans and English

Translation and editing of website texts

Translation of various texts obtained from translation centres on the Internet

Translate – Edit – Proofreading